Early School Montessori

Choosing the Right Preschool & Kindergarten

Children are ready to explore the world, socialize and play with other children, and even follow directions as early as two years old. As a parent, choosing the right preschool or kindergarten is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It marks the beginning of their education and sets the tone for a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

By investing in your child’s education at an early age, you can give them an uncommon advantage that continues through high school and college – and that often results in numerous scholarships.

The benefits of the Grosse Pointe Academy’s Early School Montessori program:

  • Individualized lessons in an open and enthralling classroom
  • Development of key mechanisms for language and math
  • Children choose work that interests them
  • Small class sizes
  • Introduction to French and world languages

At its core, The Grosse Pointe Academy Early School’s ultimate role is to give children an advanced understanding of fundamental skills and the world around them. The Academy difference lies in our approach. Our students find a lifelong love for learning – not through lessons or repetition – but open, individual exploration under the guidance of attentive and inspiring teachers, creating an incredible environment for cultivating the next generation of leaders and global citizens.