Early School Montessori

Enrollment Options

The Grosse Pointe Academy offers flexible enrollment options to accommodate both parents and students.

Half Day

Three Day (MWF, mornings – ages 2 ½-3)
Five Day (M-F, mornings – ages 2 ½-4)

Full Day

Three Day (MWF mornings and afternoons – ages 2 ½-3)
Half Day Plus Three (M-F mornings and MWF afternoons – ages 2 ½-4)
Five Day (M-F, mornings and afternoons ages – 2 ½-4)
Kindergarten (M-F, mornings and afternoons  – age 5)

Full Day Programs

The Full Day programs provide an afternoon of social interaction, play, arts and crafts, supervised food preparation, and outdoor activities. The program includes supervised lunch, rest, and recess.


The full day kindergarten program for five-year-olds offers a day full of enrichment and an extended opportunity for children to explore and participate in group projects and socialize. Special classes like library and art are unique to the afternoon session.