Making it happen for the Tracy Fieldhouse

The Tracy Fieldhouse interior on Dedication Day, November 14, 1990.

A significant component of this year’s 50th Anniversary Action Auction, which will be held Saturday, May 13, on The Grosse Pointe Academy campus, is the special ‘paddle-raise’ appeal dedicated to the preservation of campus buildings and grounds. Beginning with this year’s event, auction officials will be calling the appeal “Make It Happen.”

Members of the Grosse Pointe Academy community are encouraged by school officials each year at the auction to take an active role “as guardians of the foundations laid more than a hundred years ago” for the Academy.

This year, the “Make it Happen” paddle-raise will benefit the school’s Tracy Fieldhouse, which is profiled below.

The Tracy Fieldhouse

The Grosse Pointe Academy’s Tracy Fieldhouse, donated by the Emmet Tracy family in 1990, is one of the most important spaces on GPA’s beautiful campus. It’s a place where children compete, perform and play throughout the school year.

Head of School Tommy Adams gave the state of the school address in the Tracy Fieldhouse on January 31, 2017.

In many ways, this facility is the center of the Academy. It is a place that embodies the school mission: a place where children are nurtured, inspired and challenged. Not only do GPA students learn about physical education, sportsmanship and teamwork here, but they also learn how to create with their bodies, minds and voices, while gaining appreciation for the arts.

The fieldhouse is home to Academy athletes and actors, its players and performers, all of whom have given the community countless opportunities to cheer their triumphs. In addition to sports and class performances, the GPA community gathers in this space for special events. In the fall, grandparents and special friends watch the children sing and shine. In the winter, the community is welcomed to listen to a world-renowned speaker as part of the McMillan lecture series, and we celebrate the holidays with the annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.

In late spring, parents, grandparents, staff and alumni gather for the last time during the school year to recognize the accomplishments of the school’s latest graduates, who leave the fieldhouse ready to make their marks on the world. And of course, one of the most important events held in this room is the one celebrated May 13 – the Action Auction – an evening where the Academy’s closest friends and supporters gather to support this very important place in this very important space.

The Tracy Fieldhouse has provided The Grosse Pointe Academy with so much and has given so many opportunities to its students. School officials want to see that continue, but as time will often do, it has taken a toll on the facility. The much-beloved sports and event space requires many much-needed improvements, including a new floor and more efficient, updated lighting. These updates will only serve to enhance the school’s program and contribute to an already excellent education.

On May 13, at the 50th anniversary of the school’s Action Auction, please raise your paddle to support improvements and enhancements for the Tracy Fieldhouse — where the Academy’s children learn and grow all year long.

Many school activities — from sports events and concerts to school plays and graduation — have been held in the Tracy Fieldhouse.


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