Ready for the next level

2017 Academy graduate is more than prepared for boarding school, says community service at GPA also made a big impact on him.

2017 Academy graduate Christian Buhl, second from left, is with siblings Elise, Jeffrey and William, all of whom also graduated from GPA.

The Buhl family goes way back with The Grosse Pointe Academy. In fact, when Christian Buhl graduated from GPA this past Tuesday, he was wrapping up a history that included numerous family members who also studied in the classrooms and walked the grounds of this venerable campus on 171 Lake Shore Road.

Christian’s mom and dad attended GPA and both his maternal and paternal grandmothers graduated when the school was known as the Academy of the Sacred Heart. More recently, Christian’s two older brothers, Jeffrey and William, graduated GPA in 2013 and his sister, Elise, was in the Class of 2015.

“The Academy has a long history in our family and holds a very special place in our hearts,” said Christian’s mother, Lindsey, who graduated with her husband, Tom, from GPA in 1982. “When Tom and I moved back to Grosse Pointe years ago, there was no question that our children would attend GPA

She said it has been an amazing experience for all their children.

“And now with two heading off to college and two in high school, I can honestly say that GPA gave all of them the foundation necessary to be successful,” she added. “I know there are many wonderful schools in our community, but there is just a feeling you get when you walk into the school. It’s truly a sense of community and such a safe place for children to grow and learn.”

Christian Buhl said his time at GPA was very special to him, including and especially the Early School.

For Christian, who will be attending Salisbury School in northwest Connecticut in the fall, he said he agrees with his mother 100 percent. His time at GPA was very special to him, including and especially the Early School.

“I loved Mrs. Beth at the Early School,” he said. “I actually loved everything about Montessori. Who doesn’t like to build that pink tower or wash their hands in the special bowls. In fact, I think most of my kindergarten friends have been with me until my last day of eighth grade.”

Christian will be taking more than his pink-tower experience to Salisbury, however. “I think the Academy has done a great job in preparing me for high school,” he said. “I feel that I will be more than competitive in math, reading and science. But above all else, I have made friends that I know will last a lifetime.”

He also said that the encouragement from GPA to serve in the community was a big part of his education and experience at the school.

“We were required to do 10 hours of community service during each year of middle school,” he said. “At first, I thought it would be a boring task, but in seventh grade we went to St. Paul next door and helped the homeless. This made a huge impact on me. I didn’t realize that there were so many people in need right in our own community. I hope in the future to be able to give back as much as I can.”

Buhl, left, is with his tour guide during a visit to Salisbury School in Connecticut.

Athletics also played a large part in Christian’s time at GPA. “I played lacrosse, basketball and soccer at GPA and hope to play those sports at Salisbury as well in addition to possibly rowing and squash.”

While boarding school will certainly be a big change of pace for him, he’s looking forward to it.

“Some of my friends go to boarding school and they said they really like it. So I wanted to give it a try as something different and new. Actually the second I finished my tour of Salisbury on my official visit, I knew it was the place for me!”


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