The Grosse Pointe Academy’s week in photos and images: Feb. 12-18, 2017

A few photographs and images that helped define the news and goings-on last week at the Academy:

Valentines Day 2017: Academy students put on the red for a special day on campus. (Feb. 14)
Grosse Pointe Academy high school alumni gathered in the Tracy Fieldhouse for pizza, cookies, games and catching up with their former teachers. (Feb. 15)
First-grade Sea Life Presentation: GPA first-grade students display three-dimensional sea creatures they made in art class with teacher Erin Brott. (Feb. 15)
First- through fifth-grade students collaborate on the Cardboard Challenge. (Feb. 16)
The second edition of the “Academy Weekly” is posted online. (Feb. 16)
New exterior monument signs for the Academy go up on Lake Shore and Moran roads. (Feb. 17)


About The Grosse Pointe Academy
The Grosse Pointe Academy is an independent, coeducational day school serving children age 2-1/2 through Grade 8. We foster an inclusive environment that respects all cultures and religious beliefs. We seek to remain faithful to our heritage as a former Academy of the Sacred Heart and to those who through their Catholic faith and perseverance sought to preserve and enhance the legacy of this past for generations. Incorporated as a non-profit institution, The Grosse Pointe Academy is directed by a Board of Trustees working together to serve the Southeastern Michigan community.