The portrait of a Grosse Pointe Academy graduate

home-image2-3The Grosse Pointe Academy graduate will. . .

1. Reach their full academic, physical, and creative potential
• Students possess a strong liberal arts education
• Students are confident and competent oral and written communicators
• Students are proficient in mathematics
• Students think critically and are creative problem solvers
• Students have an appreciation for the fine and performing arts
• Students have an appreciation for the benefits of team athletics

2. Be prepared for success in an ever-changing world
• Students are interculturally competent, honor individuality, and embrace diversity
• Students are persevering and possess effective time management and organizational skills
• Students demonstrate technological literacy and ethical digital citizenship
• Students work collaboratively and guide others with confidence

3. Possess intellectual curiosity and a lifelong love of learning
• Students have a sense of confidence and self-awareness about their strengths and weaknesses
• Students are flexible and willing to take intellectual risks

4. Exhibit the highest moral character and embody Christian values
• Students show respect for themselves and others
• Students are kind, considerate, and stand up for others’ rights
• Students honor commitments
• Students have an appreciation for service and support for community