Learning Support

The Academy is committed to the success of every one of its students. Our learning resource specialist, Jamie Lee Stott, works with children on an individual and small group basis to make sure all needs are met, from enrichment to reinforcement. She also works with teachers to help design individualized programs to meet specific student needs.

Our Learning Enrichment Referral Process

Our learning resource specialist collaborates with the student’s parents and teachers to better assess the student’s needs. The student may be observed and/or interviewed during this process to gain further insight into his or her needs.

With input from other faculty with whom the student has worked as well as our school administrators, a decision is made as to what additional resources or learning experiences need to be made available to the student, or if the present program is meeting the needs of the child. The plan is discussed with the parents and, if approved, set into motion as quickly as possible.

Our learning resource specialist engages in ongoing dialogue with the student, his or her parents, and teachers to ensure that the student’s needs and parents’ concerns are being addressed. Modifications are made as the student’s needs and the content of the curriculum change throughout the school year.

How We Provide Enrichment

We draw upon current research in the field in designing and providing academically challenging experiences for all of our learners here at GPA. These include curriculum compacting, clustering, pull-out programs, push-in programs, acceleration, team teaching, modeling, and individualized independent study projects. We strive to provide our gifted students with learning challenges and experiences that differ qualitatively from their regular, grade-level curriculum based upon their individual needs.

Support for Parents

GPA’s learning resource specialist and guidance counselor is available by appointment to meet with parents to discuss concerns regarding their children and to offer guidance and support for parents and students.