Montessori Early School

The Grosse Pointe Academy’s Montessori Early School program builds the foundation for an advanced understanding of language, mathematics, reasoning, and critical thinking at a young age. As the longest-running Montessori program in Michigan, our instructors cultivate a powerful desire to learn that fosters creativity, independence, and perseverance in every student.

Within the Academy’s Early School, children begin their education journey guided by eight essential Montessori principles:

  • Movement enhances thinking and learning
  • Children thrive when they have choice and control
  • Children learn better when they’re interested in what they are learning
  • Tying rewards to learning negatively impacts motivation over time
  • Children should learn with and from each other
  • Children learn better by doing, rather than via instruction alone
  • Teachers set boundaries, but allow freedom within those boundaries
  • An orderly environment is beneficial to children

Our Early School students graduate with an uncommon cognitive and emotional foundation that provides an unprecedented long-term academic and social advantage as they continue their education.

Early School Enrollment Options

Three Day (MWF, mornings – ages 2 ½-3)
All Week Half Day (M-F, mornings – ages 2 ½-5)
Three Day, Full Day (MWF, mornings and afternoons – ages 2 ½-3)
Three Day, Half Day  (M-F mornings, and MWF afternoons – ages 2 ½-5)
Five Day, Full Day (M-F, mornings and afternoons ages 2 ½-5)
Kindergarten (M-F, mornings and afternoons  – age 5+)

Before and After Care programs are available. Before Care begins at 7:30 a.m. and After Care runs until 5:00 p.m.